AIO - Selecting Your Saved Profiles

You can save up to 9 profiles, here's how to access them.

Jeff Hintt

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If you have already saved profiles to the AIO, here's where the real convenience starts.  Simply power on the unit and press the AUTO/PAUSE button.  The settings from the last profile you used will be displayed and ready to go.  Simply press START/STOP after adding your water to begin your brew day or press AUTO/PAUSE to make adjustments to your profile.

If you have multiple profiles saved you can scroll through them by pressing the POWER and TIMER buttons together for at least 5 seconds.

If done correctly you will see S1 flashing in the upper corner of your screen.  Use the + and - buttons to find your desired profile.

 Pressing the START/PAUSE button will choose the selected profile and take you to a blank screen,

From here you can press Start/Stop to begin heating or you can press Auto/Pause to edit your profile settings.

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