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Using Auto Mode and Saving Your Profile

Jeff Hintt

Last Update 2 years ago

Here you'll learn how to create a profile on the All In One so you can have all of your preferred settings ready to go at the press of a button when you turn the AIO on.

I'm going to assume if you're comfortable enough to start looking at the Auto Mode than you probably already have your preferred unit of temperature measurement set.  ( Celsius / Fahrenheit )

If not, please refer to the basic setup portion of the AIO guide on our website.

Switch on your All In One unit and press the AUTO/PAUSE button.

In the top corner you should see S1.  This will be where you set the first setting to begin your mash day.

Use the TEMP, POWER, and TIMER buttons to set the POWER level (1800w to heat quickly), the TIMER ( Length of first mash step), and TEMP (your desired strike water temp.)

Pressing AUTO/PAUSE again will move you to where you can add settings for the 2nd mash step.  (The actual mash in a single infusion)

I like to set this at 152F for 60 min with the POWER set to 900w.

Half power makes it easier for the unit to maintain lower temps over a period of time.

Pressing AUTO/PAUSE again will move you to where you can add settings for the 3rd step in the mash.  ( Typically the Boil )

I set the TIMER for my desired boil length, the TEMP to BOILING, and the POWER back to 1800w.

You may add up to 9 mash settings per profile to aid in different styles of mashing.

Pressing AUTO/PAUSE again will take you to the next screen which should be flashing HOP 1 at the top.  This will be your first hop timer other than your 60 minute edition.  Add your 60 or 90 minute bittering addition at the beginning of your boil and use these timers to set alarms for your flavor and aroma hop additions.

Use the + and - buttons to set the timer going up from 0.

After you have set your first Hop time setting, use the TIMER button to move to the next Hop Setting screen for each additional Hop Alarm you'll need.  Not the Auto/Pause button or you'll have to start over.


After you have made all the adjustments and have your profile set how you like it, press the START/STOP button until you see just the screen with the Temperature displayed.  Press the MANUAL/PAUSE button once.  Now press the MANUAL/PAUSE button and hold it for at least 5 seconds.  You will hear a chime upon releasing the buttons if your profile was saved successfully.

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