Pressurized Transfers

How to move your wort/beer without introducing oxygen.

Jeff Hintt

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To start your pressurized transfer you'll need the following items.

- Source of Gas (Typically a Co2 Tank set up for dispensing Co2 into a keg.)

- The Fermtank Unit 

- x1 Weldless Ball Lock Gas Post

- 5ft of food grade beverage hose

- x1 Ball Lock Gas Quick Disconnect (Grey)

- x1 Ball Lock Liquid Quick Disconnect (Black)

- x1 Hose clamp.

Your weldless gas post will double as both a blow off hose and a gas entry point if you have some gas line laying around that you can run to a bucket of sanitizer.

For this write-up I'm assuming you're using Corny Kegs, if you are using Sankey Kegs and have questions for that, just message us and we'll let you know how to go that route.

Writeups for both will be available at a later date.

Start by sanitizing everything that will come into contact with your beer.

Spray some sanitizer on the posts of the keg as well.

Once this is achieved, disconnect your blow off hose from the lid and attach your source of gas using the grey ball lock quick disconnect.

Use the included hose clamp here.

Do not turn on your gas just yet.

Attach the beverage grade liquid hose to your Liquid ball valve on your Fermtank.  (The one with the racking arm attached inside, not the bottom dump valve.) 

The other end of the liquid line will need to be fitted to the black Liquid line quick disconnect and connected to the liquid (OUT) keg post on your keg.

 (You shouldn't need a hose clamp on the liquid line if you stay at the recommended 1-4psi.)

A optional blow-off hose is not necessary for a pressure transfer but it does help when it comes to keeping as much oxygen as possible away from your beer.  The optional Blow off hose portion of the Pressure Transfer Kit is used to vent Co2 from the Keg while it is being filled.

You would run the gas disconnect with a hose to a bucket of clean water or sanitizer to vent gas and equalize pressure.

Fill your clean, sanitized, and empty keg with Co2.

Purge it to ensure that only Co2 is in your keg.

Attach your blow off hose to the keg (optional) and begin venting gas.

Open the liquid line to begin filling your keg with beer.

Slowly open your Co2 and begin to push that beer from the fermenter using gas.  Keep it low.  The units are only rated for 1-4psi.

You should see your beer flowing through the hose and it will take at least 5 minutes and maybe more to fill your keg.

You will know when it is done when you either see foam and beer coming out of your blow off hose from the keg or if you see your filling hose go from Beer to Clear.

Turn off your source of Gas, close off your racking arm ball valve, and disconnect the blow off hose from the keg.

Connect your keg to a Co2 source and store it as you normally would.

Clean up.

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